Monday, January 29, 2007

coronas at dan ryan's chicago grill

This was my first time at Dan Ryan's. A nice friendly place, with a largely expat and tourist clientale. A toy train, complete with lights, chugs away atop the bar. Vintage travel posters all over the walls. But not the best place to sketch on account of the dim lights.


mrana said...

great line sketches, very cool.

poonam said...

not a single sketch on bombay? too bad! :)

jacob said...

thanks mrana! i love your stuff!

and poonam, long time, no see. i was going to mail you. the bombay sketches are coming up, but (sigh) even i'm disappointed with them right now. done in a hurry and not cool at all. but post them i will. hope you've been well:)

poonam said...

hey, i have been well. thanks. hope you are well too.
waiting to see the bombay sketches. and i don't believe on the 'not cool' bit. :)

Pati @-;-- said...

It sounds like fun, hehe. I love Coronas, they are ones of my favorites kinds of beer... Mmmm, let's see: sunday afternoon, a nice cold Corona with lemmon and salt... Yummy! Even better with peanuts and raisins :d

BTW, Thanks Joli for including us in ur blogroll :') We do appreciate it!